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Hi I'm Chris. I was born in 1979 in the south of France.

My 2 hobbies are photography and travelling. I've been practicing for 2 decades. I love travelling, and photography is a great part of my travels. This is how I discover a city or a country, by photographying it.

I started photography with films in the 90's. My grand ma offered me my first real camera for my french baccalaureat. 

In 2006, I won a poker tournament in Paris and decided to buy my first digital camera, it was a Canon EOS 400D with the kit lens. I started to travel more and more and take pictures, spending hundred of hours to develop thousands of pictures.

Later, I realized it's far better to shoot less, but increase the acceptance level. It's sometimes difficult because your own advice is fooled by emotions or memories, and your judgement is affected by these feelings.

What I appreciate in photography is that the possibilities are infinite. There are so many differents domains like landscape, portrait, studio, wedding, architecture, sports etc... and in each domain, you won't find 2 photographers doing the same thing. All the photographers have their own touch.

My domain of predilection is travel photography. It covers a vast field of competence. You first need to find a subject, this is all about creativity, vision, it's natural for some of us, but it requires a lot of experience and work for others. Then you need to know how to shoot your photo. Cameras and particularly DSLR may look complex at first sight. You need to perfectly understand the link between aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and a bit more. Finally, your creativity is again needed for the editing. There is no limit to what you can do. You can do a minimum of development, or enhance your photos dramatically, it's your choice. It requires a lot of learning to master editing.

Through this website, I want to share my experience with you.

You can find here my advice about the gear I use and recommand for travel photography.

And here, you'll find a lot of tips about photography in general, from shooting to editing in Lightroom and Photoshop,

E N J O Y !